Let IMS be your trusted business processing outsourcing partner and service provider for Data Entry Services. Regardless the amount of records to digitize and manually enter, we offer you excellent professional services and support.

IMS has provided outsource data entry services and transcription services for over ten (10) years. We have worked for established companies in Canada and Barbados.

IMS offers experienced data entry staff, guaranteeing over 98% accuracy. Our offshore services will help you achieve significant cost-savings and make data entry outsourcing affordable.

Our team is trained and has experience in the following areas:

  • Data Entry
  • Data Extraction Services
  • Prescription Transcription

Our data entry outsourcing services are available to suit your time zone. Our current client base works well with the hours of 8 am EST to 10 pm EST but the company is able to work 24/7 based on client needs.

The company has the capacity to serve the needs of small to medium sized businesses. We are able to ramp up the number of agents on hand to handle your short-term or long term goals quickly while maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

We take pride in our focus on quality and customer retention rates. The company also employs full-time quality assurance staff to ensure that staff is compliant and our clients are satisfied with the end-product.

The benefits of choosing an outsourcing data entry services are many. One benefit would be the reduced operation cost. The IT department ensures security and compliance standards are met consistently. These are two factors our clients never have to worry about.

IMS provides customized and cost-effective online data entry services which help to improve turnaround time for any data entry process.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, call us today.